Women's Clinic

The Women’s Clinic forms a big part of our Practice and is dedicated to serving the obstetrical and gynecological needs of our patients, and strives to achieve excellence in care for women of all ages.

Male Circumcision

Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) is a simple and safe procedure that we perform every day of the year. MMC may bring benefits such as easier genital hygiene, a much lower risk of getting cancer of the penis.


We offer Vaccinations, medical examinations, anti-malaria tablets and travel accessories. Whether you're going on holiday, or travelling for business you still need to stay healthy whilst abroad.


Today on the Dr Energy Show, we take a look at the Long term effects of alcohol? is alcohol ever…
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Flue Vaccine

Hi Dr Makhom, I am a 35 year old lady staying in polokwane. Every year when It approaches winter I…
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Hi Dr Makhom, I am a 30 yrs old lady, I experience headaches on a daily bases. When I take…
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Male Sexual Dysfunction

Hi Dr , I am a 29 year old lady and my Husband is 32 years old. Every-time we engage…
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