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Today on the Dr Energy Show, we take a look at the Long term effects of alcohol? is alcohol ever good. What does alcohol do to your brain, your liver and other parts of your body?, Can you get a beer belly from drinking wine or whiskey?

Join us as we discuss all this and more, today at 10h30.

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Hi Dr , I am a 29 year old lady and my Husband is 32 years old. Every-time we engage in sexual intercourse he would ejaculate within seconds of penetrating me. I have asked him to see a doctor about it, but he has refused. It has become even worse these days because sometimes he does not get a full erection. I worry that he has lost interest in me. Is there any help out there for this problem?”

Join us as we discuss this and other forms of male sexual dysfunction

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Hi Dr Makhom, I am a 30 yrs old lady, I experience headaches on a daily bases. When I take Panado, it only gets better for that time. It has been going on for many years. My grandmother died from a headache. She woke up one day with a headache and she suddenly collapsed and died. Will this happen to me too? Please help.

Join us today as we discuss this listeners problem and other causes of headaches.

Hi Dr Makhom. I am a 56 year old man staying in Seshego. I have a constant headache associated with a neck pain. The pain goes down to my back and I experience chest pains when lying on my back. The Doctor has recently diagnosed me with high blood pressure and sugar diabetes. My wife died a few years ago in a car accident. I used to be a banker but I was recently retrenched. This stresses me very much.

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Morning Dr I am a 24 years old lady, I suffer from rash in my private parts it is often very itchy and sometimes I cannot bare it. At times there would be a whitish thick discharge. It also causes serious discomfort and pain when i engage in sexual intercourse . This has been happening to me since my late teenage years. Please help.”

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Hi Dr Makhom, Thanks for the lovely show last week. I am a 32 year old lady and I am currently 24 weeks pregnant. My husband and I will be going on a cruise to the Portuguese Island this Easter. We will be taking our 2yrs old daughter and my 68yrs old mother in law who is diabetic and has a pacemaker in her heart. Are there any diseases that we should worry about and if so what precautions can I take? .

Join us as we discuss this and more.

Hi Dr Makhom, I am a 35 year old lady staying in polokwane. Every year when It approaches winter I suffer from a bad flu that last for up to 3 weeks. 2 years ago I was even hospitalized because of it. Last year I got vaccinated but I still got sick. Do I need to be vaccinated again this year? This is a problem for me as it keeps me off work and interacting with other people for long periods of times. What can I do to make sure this stops happening to me.

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Hi Dr I am a 38 years old lady with a 5 years old son. My son still can’t say full sentences and he sometimes sound slurry. Most of the time I can’t hear what he is saying. His peers-es speech is fully developed. He is an otherwise very clever boy. He is going to start school next year and I am concerned that this may affect him at school. Please help.

In studio we will be having a Speech therapist Ms Bellinda Mamochabo to help us deal with this question. You can join is online at www.energyfmsa.co.za.